Sustainable development e-learning platform Impactorium will help you, your family and your organization to get to know more about Sustainable Development Goals and start their implementation with real, either big or small, steps.


  • Encourage the promotion of sustainable thinking and implementation of the SDGs at personal, professional and national levels
  • Increase the number of conscious citizens for the sake of our planet
  • Engage people to implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility at work
  • Improve the people’s skills for future work in organizations of future


  • Online short master-classes, trainings, workshops on sustainable development topics
  • Discussions and debates among world famous experts
  • Micro-learning content with e-mails
  • Online simulation game on sustainable thinking
  • Blogs with world experts, their publications and SDGs analysis
  • Broadcasting conferences and forums on SDGs and CSR
  • Offline meetups with the most active learners
  • Supervisory board (world experts) who will check quality of content
  • Ability to get a certificate for a course / master class or a diploma for a certain set of courses

Fast learning for conscious people: less time, more skills

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CSR Ukraine is a non-profit organisation with 40 member companies representing both leading multinational and Ukrainian companies with whom the principles of sustainable business and social responsibility have been promoting for ten years. CSR Ukraine is an expert organisation that implements CSR projects, conducts large-scale research on corporate social responsibility annually, provides consulting, seminars and training for companies on CSR strategies’ development and non-financial reporting.

The objective of the organisation is to implement systemic and qualitative changes in Ukraine for sustainability. CSR Ukraine is a national partner of CSR Europe (Brussels, Belgium) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (Geneva, Switzerland).