Corporate Social Responsibility

Everything you wanted to know about CSR and didn't know where to ask - everything you will find in this Course!

Impactorium · July 8, 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) helps companies create value. However, companies often view CSR as something optional, although, in reality, CSR nowadays is the responsibility of companies themselves. The main implementation problem for companies is misunderstanding of what CSR means, and how CSR assists business to grow. 

This video course is a significant step for companies to understand how to implement CSR. Over the course of 14 lessons, you will gain an understanding of the basic concepts, tools, practices and benefits of corporate social responsibility,

Organizers believe that thanks to the course there will be more value-oriented companies in the world and Ukraine. For this to happen, we need to disseminate CSR ideas as widely as possible: among friends, employees universities, companies, experts and governments.

This is the only way for companies to move from misunderstanding CSR towards its implementation, from simply generating profit to creating value. This is how  responsible business is made. This is how  business value for society is made and  trust is built upon.

After completing the course, you can get a certificate. To do this, take the tests after classes and at the end of the course by 60% and above.

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