SDG №10

SDG 10: Reduced inequalities

Best practices of CSR 2021

Case name: #etiquette_of_inclusion – a project to develop a culture of Diversity & Inclusion

What problem does it solve? How to use LGBTQ + terminology correctly, how to properly communicate with a colleague with a disability, how to properly provide first aid, etc.

Results: Promoting inclusive and diverse issues among 1 million people, as well as raising awareness of equality, rights and personal freedom among employees, candidates, the IT community and Ukrainian society

Case name: Inclusive education weekend for people with disabilities and their families

What problem does it solve? Improve the psychosocial and physical health of people with disabilities and their families during the pandemic by involving them in an inclusive family school weekend.

Results: Accommodation facilities for people with disabilities and their families have been set up, an online information platform has been developed and created for trainings and webinars, involving 35 families with disabilities living in online preparatory trainings, webinars and 16 families. (40 people) living with people with disabilities who were involved in inclusive weekends.

Case name: Showrunners of equality: promoting diversity on screen and behind the scenes

What problem does it solve? Dissemination of information on inclusiveness, equality, discrimination, LGBTQ +.

Results: The company has developed and adopted a strategy for the development of diversity and inclusiveness. The Starlight Media Gender Equality Index according to the WEPs Gender Gap Analysis Tool increased from 47% in 2020 to 72% in 2021. Starlight Media together with the UN Women implemented the world’s first MediaForShe Congress. The event brought together 15 Ukrainian media and content producers to discuss the role of the media in promoting gender equality. 15% of the company’s employees joined the first conference in support of women’s leadership, 50 – active participants in the first ERG company.