SDG №15

SDG 15: Life on land

Best practices of CSR 2021

Case name: Rescue of 30 hectares of pine forest in the Pyryatynsky National nature park

What problem does it solve? Preservation of monoculture pine forests threatened with extinction due to drying processes caused by climate change.

Results: During the period of 2019 and more active phases in 2020 and 2021), approximately 9,000 acorns were planted in the forest and 5,000 acorns in the nursery above the forest areas in the Pyriatynsky National Park. In 2021, 3,030 common oak seedlings were obtained in the nursery (an incredible number, imagining which giants could grow from each seedling in the future). Of these 3,030 seedlings, 2,630 seedlings were planted in the forest by volunteers, including 670 seedlings by Arzinger volunteers, and 400 were donated to the local community for planting in the forest belt.

Case name: #We Breathe It In

What problem does it solve? A National-scale educational campaign against the harmful Ukrainian tradition of open burning of the dry vegetation, which poses a huge threat to the entire country being the cause of fires, air pollution, and health hazards.

Results: Awareness of alternative methods of dry disposal has increased by 9% since the start of the project (60.3% before the project – 69.2% after the spring campaign). In addition, thanks to one wave of the communication campaign, we managed not only to inform, but also to change the behavior of the most eager target audience – the eternal “piles” in the villages – in favor of a more environmentally friendly solution (composting). Also, the number of fires in the forests of the State Forestry Agency for 9 months of 2021 fell 5.4 times compared to 2020.