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“Youth Development Program” – program for disadvantaged young people

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Ukraine is one of the 28 countries where Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company AG – the second largest Coca-Cola bottler and the biggest in Europe – produces and distributes beverages of The Coca-Cola Company.

Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as “Company” or “Coca-Cola”) offers a diverse range of non-alcoholic beverages in a variety of categories: carbonated soft drinks, juices, water, iced tea and energy drinks.

Coca-Cola was one of the first international companies to show interest in entering Ukraine’s market in 1992. Today Coca-Cola’s investments into country’s economy amount to 280 million US dollars and 117 million euro.

Company is committed to promoting sustainable development in order to create value for its business and for society. This includes providing products that meet the beverage needs of consumers, fostering an open and inclusive work environment, conducting its business in ways that protect and preserve the environment and contribute to the socio-economic development of the local communities.For more information visit


We understand that future of our society depends on today’s youth. That is why we decided to direct our efforts to nurturing and development of talented young people. And disadvantaged youth requires the highest support.

It is known that orphans are feeling elevated levels of anxiety and fear before the unknown as the last day of school approaches. First and foremost they fear the inevitable encounter with the real life, which differs a lot from a usual, scheduled orphanage life in the boarding school. They are concerned that they will not be able to get education and profession, that they will not have a place to live and they won’t be able to provide food, clothes and medicine for themselves.

According to the latest statistics the unemployment rates among the youth aged 15-24 is around 25.1%, which is more than twice of that in other age groups and almost 6% higher than the same index in EU.

That is why Coca-Cola implements the Youth Development Program, which is going to help young Ukrainians acquire better education and a decent job.


The project is being implemented since 2014, when during the unrest in eastern region the Center of Social Rehabilitation “Emerald City” in the city of Svyatogirsk (Donetsk region) has relocated 500 children from 8 boarding school from ATO zone. Coca-Cola was one of the first to actively assist the Center, and since then it has sent 12 convoys with social aid for fosterlings; those included clothes, shoes, medicine, personal care products, water and juices, sport equipment for 4 sport rooms, drying machine, arranged excursions, workshop sessions and Graduation day. At the same time, Coca-Cola started to thinking of the children’s future and have decided to develop the youth, so that even those who have low chances, but the desire for further education, could become successful.

Therefore, last year Coca-Cola in cooperation with its partner, Social Organization “Osvitoriya” started a program for disadvantaged young people in the Center of Social Rehabilitation “Emerald City”. This program has created a project “Youth Development”, focused on helping schoolers successfully pass Standardised External Testing (SET). Online-course iLearn meets the requirements of the examinations and contains video lectures, tests, information for a self-tuition and webinars with the lectures delivered by professors from diverse universities.

Employing a comprehensive approach, the initiators made an effort to motivate young people and help them complete the educational process easier. First, the graduates receive all necessary information about SET, admission requirements of various colleges, spread of qualifications and market demand on various occupations. Prior to start studying, the graduates pass the tests to identify personal skills and decide the future professional area. Personal consultation with a psychologist and motivation trainings are integrated into the program as well as the course “First profession” are also available as a part of the program.

Coca-Cola actively cooperates with the administration of the boarding schools to fit the program to teaching and learning activities. Acting in concerts the company helps the talented children acquire the academic knowledge required for a successful pass of  SET and get under state-funded education program at educational establishments.

The program has proven its efficiency and it was roll-out on the national level.

The company is planning to attract and involve into the “Youth Development Program” more partners, companies, charity organizations and volunteers.


Since September 2015 till October 2016 Coca-Cola has achieved the following outcomes:

  • Successfully implemented the program for disadvantaged young people “Youth Developmentat the Center of Social Rehabilitation “Emerald city”, where children went through the intensive preparation training for the SET 2016 based on the online platform iLearn and took part in the course “First profession”; 52% of the participants have become the students of higher educational establishments or colleges.
  • Arranged a regional tour and visited boarding schools in Donetsk, Vinnytsya, Kigrovograd, Lviv and Zakarpattya regions. 10 boarding schools with the highest amount of graduates have been chosen to participate in the program, therefore the program has become a nationwide. Other 10 boarding school are to be added for the next year.
  • Started 2 study clubs within the course “First profession” at the Center of Social Rehabilitation “Emerald City”, – a barber’s and a cooking one. More clubs focused on other professions are to be implemented in other forest houses; they will work to help youth acquire practical skills and learn the essentials of the main professions.
  • Opened 8 computer classes, where needed, and provided schoolers with the technical facilities to smooth the preparation process.
  • Arranged a press-conference to mark the national launch of the Program.
  • Encouraged a media coverage during the year (OTS: 20+ million).
  • Involved staff of the company’s branches to implement the program in regions (assistance with delivery and setting up the computer equipment in the orphanages).

Such initiatives impact company’s reputation. Social responsibility is very important for many consumers, as they make their choices when buying goods based on this factor. In the meantime, latest sociological researches have shown that society cares about such topics as youth development, providing help to disadvantaged groups of people etc. We build values of society and our business by investing to the future of youth.

A noteworthy detail is that Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine signed up the Ukrainian Pact for Youth 2020, so that the signing of this document became a good opportunity to draw public and business community’s attention to the problems of socially disadvantaged young people who most need support.

“Coca-Cola in Ukraine is consistently implementing the strategy of socially disadvantaged youth support. This project is aimed to create conditions for future graduates of boarding schools and orphanages to get better education and good jobs. We set out an ambitious goal — to help 25 thousand disadvantaged guys and girls to inspire a better future,” said Andriy Bublyk, Public Affairs and Communication Manager Coca-Cola HBC in Ukraine and Moldova.