The School of Sustainable Development of MHP

MHP together with «CSR Ukraine» has been implementing the project “School of the Sustainable Development of MHP” to create the conscious attitude of pupils and their families through the integration of SDG into schools’ programmes. MHP has been, is and will be an ambassador of the Sustainable Development Goals (became a member of the UN Global Compact in 2021) and it is important for the company to have more like-minded people who share our values, so that together we can change lives for the better.

17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have their own indicators for tackling poverty, inequality and climate change. In Ukraine, national indicators have been approved and the integration of SDGs into the development of all program documents has been consolidated. The company’s aim was to acquaint pupils with the SDG,  tell them about how everyone’s actions affect the world and how to change the situation for the better.

For MHP – that was the first such a project, which we would like to promote and scale together with our partners in the region within the MHP’s footprint.

MHP together with «CSR Ukraine» has implemented the pilot project “School of the Sustainable Development of MHP” in 3 schools in Myronivka, Kaniv and Ladyzhyn.

The project started in January 2021. Fifth-graders, their relatives and teachers from three schools in Ukraine took part there: Myronivsky Academic Lyceum №2, Kaniv Gymnasium named after Ivan Franko and Ladyzhyn Secondary School №1.

The project included a variety of activities dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals for schools and the teaching community, pupils from 5th grade and their relatives for 6 months. Challenges, webinars and lectures were held by invited experts and MHP representatives on the following topics: economical use of natural resources, design thinking, healthy eating, traffic rules and cyber security, financial literacy and envorinmental care, etc.

In the final, participants created a video of how they follow the rules they have learned. Each school implemented one project at the end of the 2020/2021 school year.

93 children and their families, 19 teachers took part in this project. The children were initiated into the champions of the program and learned an “important lesson in life.” 29 MHP employees volunteered for the project, who gave lectures, attended schools, evaluated works, etc. The partners of the program were the Center “CSR Ukraine” and the “MHP-Gromadi” Fund, which supported the project on the ground. The cost of the project was 32,000 Euro.

“I am a mother of two children and I am not indifferent to the development of the young generation. The idea of our project is to build an educational system for children. Many people worked on the project. Colleagues at MHP devote their personal time and go to corporate volunteering, because everyone understands that raising a new Ukrainian is important in order to build a modern Ukraine. People who are ready to change themselves are also changing the world around them, ”- said Anastasiya Sobotyuk, IR Director, MHP; the initiator of the project “School of Sustainable Development of MHP”.

Through real examples, the company sought to enable children to broaden their horizons of thinking, teach them to think critically, analyze new information and use it to change their lives, their future, have a positive impact on their environment – family, community, and thus , to have an opportunity to build a new, responsible, comfortable country for their life and development. 

That’s why the motto of the project was “When we change ourselves – we change the world we live in”.

The program of the “School of the Sustainable Development” is based on the UN Global Goals 2030 – this is the approach to the development of the country and life in general shared in MHP.

“An important recommendation is that in order for people to participate, you need to have a project. If the project is presented correctly, the values are stated, then people will definitely see themselves in it. They will not just become volunteers, they will carry out their important mission together with you “- Anastasiya Sobotyuk added.

Implementing a pilot project in three schools, the company has far-sighted plans. In 2022, the program will be scaled to all schools in Myronivka, Kaniv and Ladyzhyn.

  The best practices within the project will be translated into an online course for the school teaching community “Sustainable Development Goals: How to Integrate into School’s Programmes”.

The results of the project will be the basis for scaling up all schools in Ukraine to teach the younger generation the principles of sustainable development. And this is more than 2 million children aged from 10 to 15 years.


A new, conscious Ukrainian youth is exactly what our country desperately needs. MHP is ready to actively participate and be responsible for the formation of sustainable thinking in young generation in Ukraine.

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