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At SoftServe, we care not only about our employees, but also about the environment in which we live and work. Over the years, SoftServe has received a number of charitable requests from different organizations or individuals. It’s part of our DNA to investigate the core of the problem and then find the best possible solution. Thus, our associates eagerly contribute to these projects that we know will have a profound social impact, by sharing their expertise, skills, and dedicating their time.

The company often receives external requests for assistance. Some of these requests with a charitable financial component are accomplished through match fundraising. Some inquiries come directly from employees who see opportunities and desires to enable positive changes in their communities. We implement such projects through our corporate charity fund “Open Eyes”.

However, there have always been a number of requests/projects/initiatives that we could help solve or implement with the help of technology. From time to time, the company implemented such projects, but such assistance was not systematic and could not be scaled up due to lack of free people resources.



Throughout 2020, we built a framework and created a crowdsourcing platform to systematically engage associates into pro bono projects that address pressing social issues. In early 2021, the OpenTech crowdsourcing platform was successfully launched. 

OpenTech exists to further extend SoftServe’s positive impact to the communities we work and live in. For this purpose, our volunteering project are aligned with global SoftServe CSR focuses: 

  • Supporting healthcare 

  • Empowering communities 

  • Helping people in need 

  • Building solutions towards DE&I 

  • Promoting environmental responsibility 

  • Boosting innovations and smart city initiatives 

  • Enhancing education 

Over the past 2 years we developed partnerships with UNICEF, UNFPA, Viber, TripAdvisor, local governmental and social institutions, and charitable foundations to support their social, educational and medical projects. In scope of this partnerships and through the OpenTech resource, we were able to support positive changes for society.

By forming the OpenTech community and launching the platform we can form numerous partnerships that: 

  • Provide quality and effective solutions of social problems through the involvement of technology  

  • Provide a good example of business, government and public sector cooperation 

  • Set an example for other socially active businesses  

  • Have a positive impact on our employer brand and our corporate reputation 

  • Develop a visible portfolio to demonstrate the expertise (for both the volunteers and the company) 

  • Create an effective tool for increasing eNPS and employee’s engagement through purposeful work and building new social ties with the company in the conditions of long-term remote work 



Throughout 2020-2021,  

  • volunteers completed or partially implemented 15 pro bono projects, 

  • more than 200 volunteers joined the OpenTech 

  • 18 projects for educational, environmental and other public organizations are in the active phase of development 

  • More than 3,000 unique OpenTech platform visitors with over 25,000 total views


5 technological solutions to help fighting the Covid-19 pandemic: 

10 technical solutions for non-profitable organizations, state institutions and culture funds: 


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