SDG №12

SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production

Best practices of CSR 2021

Case name: “Second Life” is a Decathlon project whose main aim is to reduce the number of items subject to recycling, implemented in cooperation with brand users.

What problem does it solve? The project provides an opportunity not only to save completely usable goods from destruction but also to reduce their production, make the treatment of such goods more efficient in terms of resources. 

Results: The amount of inexpedient waste has been reduced. 90 units of goods weighing up to 60 kilograms were stored and sold. Additional revenue was generated instead of processing costs. At the same time, customers are given the opportunity to buy technically serviceable goods at more affordable prices. The total amount of sales amounted to UAH 130,244.

Case name: For People, for the Planet

What problem does it solve? Environmental pollution and responsible waste management, which consists in their recycling.

Results: 340 people took part in the ECONOM Planet project, which was recycled as part of the autograph tour: 571 kg of waste paper, 232 kg of glass, 142 kg of plastic, 95.5 kg of tetra pack, 21.5 kg of aluminum cans.

Case name: Project on separate collection of secondary materials among power engineers and pupils “Eco-Party (Your Conscious Sorting Alternative)”

What problem does it solve? Minimize your impact on the environment, educational project for children on the sorting of secondary raw materials.

Results: As part of the project, 25 boxes for the collection of secondary raw materials were installed in the company’s office; an additional place with common tanks on the street was organized and garbage was divided into 6 types; 9 eco-meetings were held with the company’s employees; 17 volunteers were involved; 6 videos were shot; 198 brochures and 60 bookmarks on eco-themes and development of children’s ecological consciousness were published.