For People, for the Planet

There is a crucial problem of environmental pollution in Ukraine and the main solution of this issue is a responsible waste management, which consists of recycling. METRO Ukraine has offered such kind of service in 2018 to its employees, clients and people, who want to be eco-friendly by opening METRO Waste Collection Points. Considering the positive feedbacks from the society, which is the driving force for the whole team and encourages responsible business to make next steps in its sustainability strategy, METRO Ukraine launched in 2020-2021 three important initiatives under the motto: “For People, for the Planet”, the main purpose of which is not only to reduce the ecological footprint, but also to help people in need. 

In February 2020 one of the biggest product retailer in Europe launched METRO clothes collection point project in METRO Poznyaky Store in Kyiv.

The company invited all environmentally friendly people to join METRO clothes collection initiative and donate clothes, shoes, fabrics, towels, tablecloths and linens. The main condition is that all things should be clean. METRO professional HoReCa clients also make a positive contribution to this project and donate textiles that are no longer used in their organizations.

Aspern Charitable Foundation became a partner of the initiative “Give your clothes a second life”. For almost 20 years, this organization has been taking care of people in difficult circumstances and within the framework of cooperation with METRO Ukraine, Aspern representatives hand over the collected clothing to people in need.

  • As of November 24th, 2021 – 24 tons 885 kg of goods were donated.

  • Almost 8,000 people in Kyiv and regions of Ukraine received charitable assistance.

  • The project also has an educational value: the received goods are used for handmade and get a second life.

“Our habits affect the planet, so everyone should start from himself/herself. METRO Ukraine team is convinced that sustainable development is the key to transforming all challenges into opportunities and actively invites its clients and employees not only to take care of our Planet, but also to help those people who find themselves in difficult life circumstances. Therefore, in addition to METRO Waste Collection Points, the company offers to join the collection of clothing. We believe that this campaign will not only reduce the negative impact on the Planet, but also give an opportunity to make own contribution to all those who want to help vulnerable groups of people – orphans, large families, elderly and low-income people.”- commented Olena Vdovychenko, CEO METRO Ukraine.

In May 2021 METRO Ukraine together with Yapomoga Charitable Foundation implemented a pilot project to collect plastic bottles from beverages by using a specialized innovative vending machine Yapomogabox 3.0 and transfer funds, received from the sale of collected secondary raw materials, for charity.

The unique pilot project was launched in METRO Poznyaky Store in Kyiv. This machine allows to recycle plastic and at the same time help low-income elderly people, children with disabilities and homeless animals, as well as the development of a socially responsible generation. Yapomagabox 3.0 collects twisted PET bottles, which then recycled thanks to partners of the project – Obukhivmiskvtorresursy.

An important aspect is that this project is 100% charitable and all funds received from the sale of collected secondary raw materials – PET bottles – are donated to charity, and the user can independently choose the direction of charitable donations by pressing the appropriate palm on the machine. 

At the end of each month, the representatives of “Yapomoga” Charitable Foundation counts the collected funds and transfers them to charity. By installing this reverse vending machine in METRO Store, the company can give for its clients, employees and responsible Kyiv citizens a great opportunity to make their own contribution to solve the important issues of plastic reduction and poverty.

  • As of November 2021 – 1 017 502 PET bottles were collected and recycled;

  • The sum of UAH 50 875,10 – was donated.

“In October 2020, our first Yapomogabox appeared in Kyiv, accepting plastic bottles and instead giving out food for homeless animals. The first “Yapomogabox” immediately aroused great interest in Ukraine and around the world. In every corner of the Earth people talk about our project. We were extremely pleased that people liked this innovative approach so much, that we decided to improve Yapomogabox and further expand the boundaries of charity: now, by throwing a bottle in Yapomogabox 3.0, we can help children with special needs, the elderly people and homeless animals. In this way, we make good actions out of waste.  – commented Rufat Raimov, creator and director of Yapomoga.

Promoting the sorting of waste among the population is another focus that the company is developing through partnership with various stakeholders. In summer 2021, METRO Ukraine together with All-Ukrainian Association of Music Events and “Join!” USAID / ENGAGE Program implemented ecological autograph tour. The start of the project was marked by the signing of Memorandum, under which the popular Ukrainian rapper alyona alyona went on tour at METRO Waste Collection Points in five cities – Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa and Mykolaiv.

Usually, the autograph session is about the relationship between the fans and the artist, the opportunity to get closer to the idol. For this project, it was an opportunity to talk about important environmental issues. Definitely, it is quite difficult to join the eco-movement and immediately switch to zero waste. Therefore, the partners suggested that all eco autograph tour participants add small portions of environmental friendliness habits to their lives and alyona alyona helped start these steps. In each city all participant, that bring to the sorting station 1 kg of waste ready for recycling at least from two fractions (glass, paper, plastic, metal, tetrapack), can chat with the artist, make photos and get cool eco-gifts. 

340 people took part in this ecological tour and brought for recycling to METRO Waste Collection Points:

  • 571 kg of wastepaper,

  • 232 kg of glass,

  • 142 kg of plastic,

  • 95.5 kg tetra pack,

  • 21.5 kg of aluminum cans.


“Join!” (USAID / ENGAGE) Program is pleased to support a campaign to raise public awareness of environmental lifestyles. For three years, together with our partner, the All-Ukrainian Association of Music Events, we have been promoting environmental awareness and behavioral change among citizens, as well as involving other NGOs in supporting at the national and regional levels. We are glad that METRO Ukraine took part in this project and gave us a shoulder on this path. I am confident that together we are able to draw attention to environmental issues and promote the idea of waste sorting to achieve long-term positive impact on the environment not only in the destinations of our campaign, but throughout the country.”- commented Roland Kovacs, Director of the Public Assistance Program “Join!” (USAID / ENGAGE)

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