SDG №13

SDG 13: Climate action

Best practices of CSR 2021

Case name: The second life of Antarctic plastic

What problem does it solve? The problem of handling raw materials and waste at the station “Academician Vernadsky”.

Results: Vernadsky has created a whole closed cycle of recycling plastic marked 02 or HDPE: mostly bottle caps and bottles of household chemicals. The system includes a plastic shredder, an extruder (where plastic melts) and a number of souvenir molds.

Case name: Let us preserve climate together

What problem does it solve? Raising awareness among future generations about environmental issues.

Results: During the Ecomria and Green Wave competitions, 611 project applications were submitted, more than 50,000 volunteers were involved and more than 53,200 seedlings were planted, which reduced CO2 emissions by 605 tons / year. The participants covered 18 regions of Ukraine, more than 500 settlements. Luhansk, Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv, Poltava, Mykolaiv and Kirovohrad regions can be noted for the scale of their actions.

Case name: Building Eco Culture at EPAM UA

What problem does it solve? Increasing the level of environmental activism and volunteering among employees.

Results: About 1,500 talents have joined forces thanks to new tools for shaping the eco-culture and attracting 486 seedlings in 2021. ERAM specialists have planted them with family and friends. An interactive online map has been created, which shows planted trees under the care of ERAM talents. An online eco-library accessible to ERAM talents has been created.