Building Eco Culture at EPAM UA


  • A sense of belonging. At the moment of filling in the case, about 90% of the EPAM specialists are working at a company remotely, from their homes. Four thousand of them joined since the beginning of the pandemic. It is extremely important for them to feel they are part of the company, they share the same values. The new format has left us devoid of the traditional ways of creating an ecological culture in the company, when people were able to learn how to sort the trash, collectively plant trees, and participate in ecological projects. Remote working has shifted the emphasis in ecological responsibility from an office to a home.  This calls for more of a personal responsibility from each employee.

  • Reputation component. EPAM is a public company that deems it important to prevent reputational risks, including those connected with unethical and irresponsible behavior. As important it is to stick to ecological behavior and communicate to new talents the EPAM values of treating the natural resources carefully/ economically.


Since 2018 there has been a team of eco-activists EPAM Green Team in action. The community is uniting people with the same ecological principles, who share similar values. Considering the transfer to a remote format, in 2020 there appeared an idea to create an online-platform where people would be able to share their experience of correct sorting of trash, finding discounts for EPAM talents in shops selling products with ecological certificates in their cities, find out addresses of the recycling stations in their cities, share experience, find information and participate in ecological flash-mobs dedicated to the Earth Day, Plastic Free July, etc.

The company has supported strengthening of the ecoculture in the offline format as well, taking into consideration the restrictions of the Covid situation: at the Earth Day all those willing at EPAM received seedlings to be planted individually. This new format of partnership has proven its efficacy: an EPAMer takes the responsibility to find a place to plant the seedling and take care of it, and the company is providing the seedling  and its delivery, as well as care recommendations. 

The online format has made it possible, for the first time ever, to organise international events, where eco-activists at EPAM from 12 countries were able to share their experience.

“We had a choice to make – refuse to keep up caring for the environment in terms of strategy or continue in a new format. We chose to continue partnering with talents. And they took part of responsibility on themselves. As a result, we’ve managed to increase the outreach, involvement and help the newcomers to EPAM feel themselves a part of the company, which shares their values” – Aziza Khamidova, an expert of sustainable projects at EPAM Ukraine, told.

The project of planting trees was supported by 486 participants. The company spent USD 3,5 thousand (93 thousand hryvnias, 195 hrn/ participant) to purchase the seedlings and cover logistic costs. Time investment amounted to approx. 10 000 volunteer hours to plant the seedlings. One peculiar moment was encountered – a need to build a system of seedlings delivery across the country. 

There were some technical difficulties during the international meeting of EPAM eco-activists. Organising the meeting for people from 12 different countries from different time zones at one platform – that required additional time, resources and preparation.


1. About 1,5 thousand talents have united thanks to new instruments for creating ecoculture and involvement in 2021

2. 486 seedlings were planted by EPAM specialists together with their family and friends 

3. An interactive online map was created, where all the trees planted and therefore guarded by EPAM people are marked 

4. An online eco library accessible to EPAM talents was created 


The adopted decision has strengthened the company’s reputation as a responsible employer, with whom talents may realize their social ambitions and encourage the implementation of eco principles in their localities. It has also influenced the decline of risks of unethical behavior. 


One of the main conclusions of the project – a lesson on partnership. Traditionally, business was taking the responsibility for carrying out a project, however, currently we have the understanding that an EPAM specialist may be involved as a full-fledged partner and this will allow them to value their contribution even more. We enjoyed building a relationship with colleagues on this basis, when EPAM is not only an employer, but a partner as well, who supports significant social values of a person. 

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