SDG №5

SDG 5: Gender equality

Best practices of CSR 2021

Case name: Metallurgy educational module of the STEM IS FEM project

What problem does it solve? Popularization of STEAM-sciences among girls, because, as statistics show, girls already at school refuse to study deep exact and natural disciplines.

Results: The Metallurgy module in Zaporizhia became the first on-site educational module of the STEM is FEM project. One of the most pressing problems of Ukrainian society – gender equality in the choice of future profession by schoolgirls – was voiced and “processed” in the process of the event. The project also helped raise awareness among young participants and their parents about the gender policies of Metinvest Group companies.

Case name: Anti-Harassment Program

What problem does it solve? Elimination of ignorance in matters of behavior with colleagues of different nationalities, cultures, genders, etc.

Results: Preventing bias and developing a culture of acceptance – after the project, 398 out of 1,200 colleagues said they felt safer in the workplace. And 80 of the 195 team leaders said they felt more confident with their subordinates and in collaboration with other teams; increase in team performance by 14%: the share of people with the highest performance and involvement (Rock Star – All In by Performance Review) increased significantly from 19% to 33%.

Case name: Helping improve equality in the tech industry

What problem does it solve? Gender equality and women’s empowerment in Ukrainian IT.

Results: Today, the Beetroot ecosystem has more than 600 consultants, and that number is growing. The share of consultants in our team is 42%. Moreover, women make up 54% of project and team coordinators, as well as 57% of the company’s management. In addition, the share of women among Beetroot Academy students and graduates increased from 41% last year to 57.7%. In addition, more than 10% of women who have started IT careers in the past year are Beetroot Academy graduates.

Case name: Professional Development of Women in Atomic Energy

What problem does it solve? Promoting women, equal pay and career opportunities.

Results: In the spring of 2021, a memorandum of cooperation was signed with the NGO “Women in Nuclear Ukraine” and the project “Professional Development of Women in Atomic Energy” was launched. The memorandum provided for holding forums and seminars for nuclear power plants at the Company and at the sites of domestic nuclear power plants. The first such event was a forum held on March 4 at the Energoatom Directorate. The event was attended by over 50 women – representatives of NNEGC and guests from WiN Ukraine. In addition to the Company’s employees and guests, the event was attended by the ambassadors of gender policy of NNEGC Energoatom, who delivered a speech in support of the new project “Professional Development of Women in Atomic Energy”.

Case name: Equal Worth Project (Diversity and Inclusion)

What problem does it solve? Adherence to equal opportunities and non-discrimination.

Results: We have been living by the principles of D&I for two years now, and now we can draw the first conclusions about the results. The turnover of staff in the company at the end of 2021 was 2%, for comparison in 2019 this figure was 5.5%. To track our progress, we became the first company in Ukraine to participate in the study of the inclusiveness of Ukrainian business “Level”. Our indicator is 68.6 out of 100, which corresponds to a “satisfactory” rating and is 3 points higher than the average in Ukraine.