Equal Worth Project (Diversity and Inclusion)

PROBLEM SITUATION THAT HAPPENED TO BE (description of the problem situation, why it arose; how this situation could affect the Company’s activities)

Based on the results of the gender audit, we found that the number of women in management positions of the company is less than 30%, which may pose a risk of discrimination against women in access to professions. In the CSR strategy nothing is specified anything about respect for equal opportunities and non-discrimination. The company did not have responsible people for gender direction. Most of our documents and policies did not contain gender-sensitive vocabulary (feminitives), the absence of which can contribute to the creation of gender stereotypes. 

SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM SITUATION (what decision was made; chronology of the process of decision implementation; decision description; what technologies were used; a quote of the top manager on why they made this decision; whether there were any organizational/technical difficulties in resolving the situation; how these difficulties were overcome; how much money, time and other resources were spent to implement the decision)

  1. An analysis was conducted according to the findings of the gender audit to understand the situation. We checked all the company’s internal policies for compliance with the principles of gender equality, non-discrimination, identification of possible inconsistencies, and made appropriate changes

  2. UNFPA, UN Population Fund and CSR Development Center Declarations signed

  3. The position of Gender Equality Ambassador and DEI officer introduced

  4. Psychological training for 75 employees of the company conducted, aimed at working out mental barriers to women’s leadership

  5. Paternity Leave Program has been implemented 

  6. The Fe_Munity School of Women’s Leadership was opened – a training course for women, consisting of 10 modules, aimed at obtaining the necessary knowledge and competencies for further professional growth, as well as motivating for professional development. More than 160 women are being trained. Project Participant Appraisal Rate (NPS) – 98%

  7. Launch of Fe_munity Alumna (educational modules quarterly) – support for the Fe_munity alumni sisterhood continuing self-study and development has become a union of like-minded people 

  8. A psychological support service for employees has been introduced on an ongoing basis – the ability to receive anonymous consultations from a psychologist on various life, personal and professional issues

  9. Ferrexpo Inclusion School was opened – more than 100 managers were trained and familiarized with the principles of inclusion, gender equality and nondiscrimination. 80 participants signed a declaration on non-discrimination and the promotion of gender equality. The second course starts in January 2022 

  10. About 100 employees accepted the HeForShe commitment

  11. Stem Streamers quest for schoolchildren of 9-11 grades of Horishni Plavni conducted. A quest that breaks down gender prejudices about the social roles of girls and boys, as well as their career prospects (STEM-science).

  12. Gender KPIs in annual staff appraisal implemented 


Anna Adom, Ferrexpo’s HR Director in Ukraine: “Since 2020, we have begun to actively implement initiatives aimed at increasing the number of women in leaders and professions that are stereotypically considered to be male. But today our task is not just to initiate one-time projects, but to introduce a systematic approach, since the D&I direction has become part of the strategy of the Ferrexpo Group.”


RESULTS OF THE DECISION (what are the results and effects of the decision; how the decision affected the Company (reputation, financial performance, awareness, trust), what would’ve happened if this decision had not been made; a detailed description of the results, possibly using figures, indicators, which lessons have been learned). Important: avoid communication metrics, as the Competition primarily evaluates metrics related to stakeholder relationships. 


For two years now, we have been living according to the principles of D&I and now we can draw the first conclusions on the results. 

Staff turnover in the company at the end of 2021 was 2%, for comparison in 2019 this figure was 5.5%.

In order to track our progress, we became the first company-participant in Ukraine of the study of the inclusiveness of Ukrainian business “Level.” Our Level indicator – 68.6 out of 100, which corresponds to the “satisfactory” assessment and 3 points higher than the average in Ukraine. 

Over the year, the number of women in leadership positions in grades 10+ increased by 20%.

  • 1 woman HR director joined the Company’s Management Board

  • 1 woman HSE Director 

  • 1 woman Chief Survey Operator

  • 4 women heavy vehicle operators

  • 3 women electric gas welders 

In a few years, we will be ready to report on the business impact and ROI. We expect an increase in the level of innovation and profitability, which can and should be monitored after achieving gender balance at all levels of management.

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