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The world is constantly changing, and these changes are happening at breakneck speed. Changes – they’ve become the new norm, and stability – the new luxury. In the future, companies around the world will have to work in conditions of uncertainty and remoteness. Therefore, businesses that are able to anticipate and respond quickly to threats and opportunities will be more resilient and successful.

The main competence of leaders is the ability to respond quickly to changes and train their team members develop adaptability and the habit of learning (learnability). Thinking processes become the center of any decision (mindset), understanding emotions and their impact on daily work and interaction.

We realized the role of emotions, feedback, and mental health in the Сompany’s success and focused on understanding human nature, their capabilities, potential, natural limitations, and triggers for people. Now, when planning a strategy, we focus on the people who will implement it. Today, a manager with black eyes and someone who is in touch day and night can not be effective. There are biological limitations.

In addition, due to remote work and covid realities, approaches to management and communication with the team are changing:

  • Trust is the main currency of the future, and the task of a manager is to become an architect of the trust network in his team – to create, develop and preserve it

  • Working in conditions of uncertainties and a person’s reaction to uncertainty is always fear, so we set a goal for managers to learn to understand the nature of fear and decisions made, how to work with their own fears and help the team overcome their fears

That is why one of the stages of organizational changes in 1+1 media was the development of a corporate competences model – the desired behavior that we expect from our employees. We have been conducting research in Company for almost a year to identify exactly the competencies that are needed for 1+1 media team.

To develop these competencies, we wanted to create a training program that would be useful regardless of the position, because the participants are very different. We took a chance and decided not to go the standard way, through neuromanagement. In this program, we didn’t just want to teach, our employees already have a large amount of knowledge. With this program, we wanted to give an understanding of ourselves and what is happening around us. This is how the training project Plus League was developed.

By implementing Plus League, we create a unified context of understanding that the responsibility for continuous development and learning is a personal responsibility of a person. 

We have focused on determining that, what, from a completely natural point of view, means being human. What opportunities do we have, what makes us us, how do we make decisions, what role do emotions play in how interaction is built, how does a manager better understand himself and his reactions, on the mental health and burnout of teams, how does a manager know and accept other people’s otherness (diversity) and where to look for this trust in order to move towards the goal together, even in remote mode.


In August 2019, after implementing the 1+1 media competences model, we started working out a manager development program. 

Based on this competences model, on strategic business objectives, taking into account changes in the global context, we started developing the project Plus League

The program is based on the latest developments of neuroscience

Target audience: managers (heads) of the Company (at all levels)

Project term:

  • 2020 — group of TOP managers — 17 people.

  • 2020 — first wave of training programs, 80 people, 4 study groups

  • 2021 — second wave of training program, 100 people, 4 study groups

Program concept:

  • The training is conducted by the best experts of the Ukrainian market

  • The program starts with an introductory lecture “Learning to Learn” 

  • 3 training modules — 8 topics

  • Duration of the program — 8 months

training in a schedule that is comfortable for managers 1 time in 2-3 weeks for 6 hours (classroom / zoom)

The program consists of three major areas that cover eight academic topics:

  • “Self-management” — the foundation of everything is to understand yourself and manage your emotions

  • “Team management” — about successful interaction with the team, about trust and staff development

  • “Business management” — about applied business things specifically for 1 + 1 media

To consolidate new knowledge, after each lesson, participants complete practical and interesting homework assignments and fill out feedback questionnaires.

Video lectures and online courses at the E-University on the following topics have been prepared so that participants can return and repeat the information received on the main topics of study: 

  • “The art of feedback”

  • “Emotional intelligence”

  • “Change management”

  • “The art of delegation”

At the end of the program, participants prepare final presentations in which they share their insights after the program: 

  • My strengths as a leader

  • What I plan to develop

  • How I plan to develop it

  • What will I leave as it is

  • What I plan to change



  Objective set                                                                      Result achieved

                                                                                                                                              (quantitative / qualitative)

Provide a single conceptual field where all team members understand basic concepts equally: 

  • understanding of yourself 

  • motivating others 

  • feedback

A single context for understanding basic concepts has been created:

  • better understanding of yourself, the nature of your behavior, understanding how a person makes decisions, how she reacts to other people, and how interaction is created.

  • motivating others through trust, support

  • feedback is a regular process in the daily work of departments 


Results of mastering of theoretical material after training: 93% 

Provide all leaders with the knowledge that will help them to cope with uncertainty, change their way of thinking in new conditions to achieve the Company’s goals

During the annual evaluation, program managers assessed changes in the behavior of its participants: 

  • managing emotions when working with a team

  • clear task statement

  • team development through delegation

  • constant feedback

Create an opportunity for professional growth within the Company.

The number of vacancies for senior positions closed by internal candidates increased by 19%

Create a common information context. All managers will be trained to understand cultural tools and speak the same language

  • 98% of managers were trained

  • Involvement in the training program – 96%

  • Learning satisfaction – 4.8 points out of 5


 Feedback from the project participants once again emphasized the need for such training and knowledge gained.

The comments received completely coincide with the meanings that we put into the program: 

  • understanding yourself is the foundation of leadership

  • be a leader, not a “boss” 

  • continuous learning – be open to new things

  • constant communication and feedback are the basics of effective management

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