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According to online magazine the Point (website As of May 2018, only 42% of Ukrainians work on a specialty, 33% have never been employed on a specialty, and 18% have decided to leave their sphere. What was the reason of this situation?

The Point is as follows:

work on specialty in the majority cases do not provide financial security;

Students have no motivation to work on lower branches of organizations for future prospects;

• it is difficult to find a job on a specialty, the chosen segment of the labor market is oversaturated:

universities, regardless of formal working practice – do not learn where to gain experience;

• person do not like  the received specialty :

as mentioned earlier, 33%  people did not work on a specialty at all, they try to requalify, and it seems rather difficult, so young people are applied to the service sphere, hoping to grow up to the administrator of the institution in which they work;

• it is difficult to build a career in your area:

climb on the career ladder of junior specialist is a quite long process – earn a quick money much more pleasant;

• work in a specialty requires a high level of stress:

to find a company that has common values with you, work in a not friendly team only promotes the development;

There are also other reasons that are less likely to occur. General results show that only 45% of respondents would like to work in a specialty.


As a result of the problem, it was decided to choose several vectors: To create a free vacancy fair and low-cost courses for young people.

Our courses allow you to master the basics. our speakers are members of Head offices  such companies as: Fedoriv KMPG, Imperial Tobacco, Pepsico TechUklon, PUMA, OKKO, Danone, Genesis, Comfy, JTI, Loreal, 1+1,, Jooble,Yakaboo,, Київстар, Yalantis. The students decide cases under the guidance of the pros, develop both soft and hard glasses.

SP is currently focused on a variety of topics (i.e. HR &Recruitment school, Marketing & PR school, Finance & Audit school, PM

& Leader school.) 

The COURSES from STUD-POINT are 5 times cheaper than the prices on the market because they show our social

mission: Focus not on money, but on contribution to the career growth of youngpeople.

We have 2 formats of training:

Live intensive,during which students have an opportunity to interview with SEO, decide case for portfolio

And on the issue – the basics of the profession, taught in the course give an opportunity to work;

now we have a video course for life.

We believe that it is a great opportunity to return to a well-structured professional information in any period of life.

Advice from experts do not lose over time its relevance. By passing the test, the participant receives a certificate of completion of the course.

Each time we choose 25 grant participants, which have a unique opportunity to learn from the best for free.

All courses can be found at

Therefore, we found counter-argument for all the reasons of the problems concerning employment of young people

1)work on specialty in most cases is not financially attractive;

Acquaintance of students with employers ready to invest in their development

2)it is very difficult to find work on a specialty, chosen segment of labor market is oversaturated;

our employers’ partners constantly need juni, their mentor and give an opportunity to raise career ladder

3)the received specialty does not like a person;

when retraining or if you want to feel a demo version of a perspective and interesting employment – our courses will be useful

4)it is difficult to build a career in its sphere;

Everyone starts with the smallest, STUD-POINT during one of our 18 annual squats will help get jobs Off or Internship with a guarantee of career growth

work on a specialty provides a high level of stress

if you find a company, with similar values and friendly staff – to work will be calm and comfortable


We are sincerely committed to our values:

– faith in the company and patience (each in the team of the JV is confident in achieving the goals and is able to “infect” with its faith in clients);

– drive and activity (we always strive to be one step ahead, not afraid to experiment and implement new, non-standard solutions);

– growth and development (we care about the development of young talents and help companies grow and develop with our facilities and services);

– responsibility to ourselves (we work because we do not imagine ourselves without our work);

– quality (the main goal and essence of our work is to provide quality and the best service);

team work (each of us is part of one friendly and integral team, we love and know how to work together and feel real joy from this);

And it works, because according to MC Today we are included in the top 50 entertainment start-ups of Kiev and kiev region ( )

Every year the company sells 18 educational and career projects  and covers 6 cities of Ukraine!

We have a great reputation, because the team of STUD-POINT

trust 700 employers. We help employers communicate with young talents. And we

turn Ukrainian companies into attractive for students.

After 11 successful years of work with students we know their needs, help to solve

professional difficulties.

At the moment the course from STUD-POINT ( has released 2500 successful students, what the team really is proud of.

We can safely say THE STUD-POINT is a business that is changing the country.


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