Ecomobility Summer at Intellias

In Ukraine, cycling culture, road safety, and cycling infrastructure are not well developed. Therefore, the number of people using bicycles as a means of transportation is very small. Intellias believes in smart, environmentally friendly cities. Sustainable mobility, especially the use of bicycles, reduces the burden on the transport system, allows us to avoid the pollution of the air and improves the health of the cyclists.



We decided to address these issues at different levels and created a large-scale project —Ecomobility Summer, which lasted from June 3 (International Bicycle Day) to August 31.

 1. Firstly, we selected 5 ambassadors in 5 Ukrainian cities, who accepted a challenge to use bicycles every day throughout the summer, being a role model for others and promoting cycling.

To engage more of our colleagues, we launched IntelliBike Flashmob: participants recorded their trips in the Intellias Strava club and received special reflective stickers for safe cycling. At the end of the summer, we organized a big prize draw of useful bicycle accessories for all participants. 

We also organized the traditional corporate bike trips, which took place in four cities this year.

Together with Wiz-Art, Intellias organized free screenings of thematic short films Urban Mobility Shorts in Lviv, Kyiv and online (in Ukraine, USA and Germany). It gave us a chance to consider the topic of mobility from different angles and to understand the impact of transport on our lives. 

We wanted our project to influence the development of ecomobility not only on the community level but also at the city level. That is why the main bicycle location of Lviv — IntelliBike Space was arranged in the Intellias office as a part of the annual “City Workshop”. Partners from the MTBStock bicycle shop offered bicycle repairs for event guests free of charge. Every attendee was able to add their favorite route to the large, printed bicycle map of Lviv. We also updated knowledge of road safety rules for cyclists with the Lviv Cyclists’ Association and the Cycling Patrol.  Moreover, we discussed sustainable mobility with Orest Oleskiv, Head of the Transport Department of the Lviv City Council. Finally, there was a thematic stand-up and a prize draw of a unique bicycle, which was specifically painted by artists. 

2. To increase road safety, we have held online and offline cycling schools with guest speakers — professionals and representatives of the cycling police. 

We also printed and distributed special reflective stickers free of charge to make cyclists more visible in the dark. 

3. Together with the City Institute, we joined the process of updating the cycling concept of Lviv: the company’s specialists participated in focus groups, and we collected the favorite cycling routes of Lviv residents and guests during IntelliBike Space. 

In addition, Intellias specialists shared their expertise and mentored the Bootcamp team from Kharkiv IT-Cluster to develop a prototype for an application for beginners in cycling.



The Intellias Ecomobility Summer project reached a variety of audiences: the company’s specialists, their families, beginners and experienced cycling users, and those who are just thinking about getting a bicycle. In total, it was more than 100,000 people in Ukraine and abroad. More than 100 specialists joined the flashmob and watched thematic short films. Such activities received a very positive feedback from colleagues, and it was on the initiative of Kyiv colleagues that we organized an additional show of Urban Mobility Shorts in Kyiv. More than 200 guests attended the offline events. And thousands of Lviv residents will use the developments of the updated cycling concept.

The project contributed to development of cycling culture at various levels: cultural, strategic and practical thanks to a wide range of partners who share the importance of sustainable mobility.

Activities of the project Ecomobility Summer at Intellias were widely covered in the media (100+ publications), which had a positive impact on the employer brand and the positioning of the company in the eyes of the community.


At Intellias, we believe that this project has brought us one step closer to sustainable cities and communities.


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