The Adventures of Croissant

Ukrainian children in the era of information loading lack knowledge about the most important things that help to be successful in the team, support each other, and sometimes save lives. Psychologists are alarmed, because our children are deprived of the basics of a healthy childhood – they are in endless stimulations, technical fun, are separated from the real world, often lead a sedentary lifestyle, have difficulty communicating with peers. Therefore, there is a need for the formation of cultural behavior as one of the most important links of moral and ethical education of children, the correct perception and interpretation of social situations by them, the protection of the right of the child to preserve his or her individuality, the emphasis on the observance of a healthy lifestyle, protection from potential dangers. Concern Hlibprom is not left aside from social issues. The company as a socially responsible business promotes a healthy lifestyle, cares about the young generation of Ukrainians as their future employees and consumers, aims to educate the young generation as one who is able to think critically, cooperate in a team, solve conflicts, come out of difficult situations, be responsible for their work, their own health and safety.


Despite the scale of the project, the obstacles caused by the anti-epidemic measures in the country and the economic crisis that reflected on the Company’s work, with the support of the Lviv City Council, the Concern Hlibprom implemented a multi-format CSR Case “The Adventures of Croissant” in several main stages.

Stages of realization

The first stage of the project was a creative competition for pupils of 6-7 classes of schools of Lviv MTG, the artistic works of whom became the basis for the creation of a comic book for the younger school. The competition among schoolchildren was held during February – May 2020 in two stages. The authorized jury of the competition, which included representatives of the Education Administration and the PrJSC “Concern Hlibprom”, selected among the participants the authors of the best competitive drawings that met the defined requirements of the competition and full disclosure of the relevant topics: how to find friends in a new school; what to do if you have forgotten a notebook at home; what to do if a pupil knows the answer to a teacher’s question but is afraid to answer; if you have witnessed how older people offend younger people; how to behave properly in public transport; what to do if you came out on the wrong stop of public transport; a stranger stops you on the street; safety on the road; how not to waste your free time and others. The winners were determined by a collegial jury decision and solemnly awarded with diplomas and sweet gifts from the Company. The best artistic works became the basis for the creation of an illustrated full-color comic book about the Adventures of Croissant for pupils of 2-3 classes.

Second stage of the project was the work on the comic book, when Lviv artist Natalia Manko reproduced the heroes and the stories of children’s drawings on the pages of the comic book. After adaptation and digitization of the drawings, the comic book was printed in 9,000 copies in August 2021.

Third stage. On September 1, 2021, the comic book was presented to pupils of second and third classes in 123 schools of the Lviv MTG. The official presentation of the project and the publication took place in the primary school “One, two, three” of Lviv.

Intermediate stage. Within the framework of the project “The Adventures of Croissant” in March 2020, the Company together with the Lviv City Council created and printed also information posters “Virus – not virtual, but real. Don’t worry, just follow the rules.” Based on the comic book “The Adventures of Croissant”. During the worldwide fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, the heroes of the poster urge children of preschool and school age to wear a mask properly, wash their hands carefully, keep distance, disinfect their hands and personal belongings and avoid contact with people with symptoms of the disease.

The continuation of the project “Adventures of Croissant” is implemented on the project page in the social network Facebook: Пригоди Круасана. The page remains a platform for communication of the Concern Hlibprom with small participants of competitions and interesting initiatives. 

Resources spent on the implementation of the project: the two-year work of the creative department of communications and coordinators of the PrJSC “Concern Hlibprom”, artists of all ages, adapters, programmers. The total amount spent on the implementation of the project amounted to approximately 100,000 UAH.


The social and important project “Adventures of Croissant” was successfully implemented!

The Company’s initiative was able to unite the common idea of schoolchildren who study in different classes and schools, but through creativity they were able to create non-standard solutions to difficulties in different life circumstances. Behind the implementation of the project stands the two-year work of the Communications Department of the Hlibprom Group, the far-reaching view of the Company’s leadership on the education of its responsible consumer and potential worker among the young generation of Ukrainians. The implementation of the project gained broad public resonance and received support at the state level. Thanks to the support of the Centre for Professional Development of Pedagogical Workers and the co-financing of the project by the Centre for Support of Entrepreneurship of the Lviv City Council, the comic book “The Adventures of Croissant” has become a good educational tool that educators of Lviv use for educational purposes. 


“The company initiated a socially important project, the aim of which is to form the cultural behavior of children, the correct perception and interpretation of different life situations. I am confident that our comic book about the adventures of the hero Croissant will be interesting for schoolchildren, and the funny curious Croissant will help to solve different life situations” – said the Chief of HR and PR Officer of PrJSC “Concern Hlibprom” Olena Dmyterko.

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